Tips to Organize your Sewing Space

If you’ve resolved to start sewing, creating an organized space is key.

This time of year really is ideal for assessing goals and priorities, and determining how to get started. If beginning to sew is on your list, we’ve got some tips to set you up for success. You don’t have to have a dedicated room or tons of space, but you do need some workspace essentials that will make your sewing more efficient, and more enjoyable. Speaking of which, sewing should be fun! It’s a hobby, after all, so get started with a well-situated sewing space. 

Work space tip: protect your surface with a cutting mat.
An Omnigrid® cutting mat is ideal for protecting your work surface. Place it under your sewing machine to provide a safe place to lay scissors and other tools.
The mat shown is 18″ x 24″ and we like it gray side up when we’re using it for protection (vs. the gridded side for cutting).

Work space tip: keep your machine needles handy with a “labeled” pin cushion.
If you need to change your machine needle and it’s not ready to be discarded, organize and store them for future use using a pin cushion labeled by needle size and/or type.
(Hint: this works great for identifying hand sewing needles, too!)

Work space tip: use the “strawberry” emery to keep pins and needles sharp.
Did you know the little strawberry that’s attached to your tomato pin cushion contains emery for sharpening pins, hand and machine needles? 
(Emery is a granular substance for grinding and polishing – just slide your pins and needles in and out of the berry to sharpen them.)

Workspace tip: use a magnetic pin caddy to “grab” pins as you remove them while sewing.
You’ll likely be removing pins quickly as you sew – simply “throw” pins at the caddy and they are grabbed by the magnet in the caddy and stored for future use.
This Dritz® magnetic pin caddy also has a drawer for storing extra pins.

Work space tip: don’t forget the thread snips.
You will reach for them again, and again, promise! You’ll use them for cutting threads and trimming seam allowances and corners. Our favorites: the Omnigrid® 4″ needlecraft scissors shown, or try the ergonomic thread snips.

Work space tip: you are not perfect – but a seam ripper sure does help!
It’s not just you – sewing mistakes are inevitable, and a seam ripper is a must. Keep one by your machine, and you won’t have to hunt one down when it’s time.

Work space tip: put your bobbins in a storage box and prevent them from rolling away.
There are several solutions for bobbin storage in the Dritz® range. This bobbin box has a foam insert which fits most bobbin sizes; its clear cover keeps the bobbins clean, yet visible so you can see what you’ve got! 

Work space tip: keep a ruler or sewing gauge close by.
You will need this to double check needle position and seam allowances. This Dritz® sewing gauge is ideal.

Work space tip: find a marking pen that’s right for you.
There are several marking pens in the Dritz® range. Ink colors vary, and some inks disappear on their own.
You’ll use a marking pen to mark pivot points, or stop and start points. The Mark-Be-Gone™ pen shown makes marks that disappear when rubbed with a moistened cloth. 

Work space tip: keep your area clean as you work.
A scrap caddy is handy for capturing cut threads and small pieces of fabric. We made this cute fabric caddy with supplies from our stash – looks good while it works, don’t you think?

Work space tip: don’t leave stray pins on your work space (or floor!).
Why? Because they are not fun to be poked with, or stepped on! When you’re ready to tidy up your work space, use a clever magnetic pin wand to collect any stray pins. 

Work space tip: have fun with your storage solutions!
Make your space unique. We gave a plain old mason jar a face lift with a cute fabric wrap. It’s perfect for holding small tools when they’re not in use. 

Work space tip: create coordinated accessories from your scrap fabrics.
Good looking and functional is a winning combination. So here you’ve got two cute accessories that are one-of-a-kind AND help you stay organized.