From Leftover Fabric to a Quilted Cover for your Sewing Machine!

Quilted Sewing Machine Cover – Tutorial
credit: sewdelicious

Do you have fabric leftover from all your other DIY projects? Don't throw them out! Simply follow the steps below and create your very own Sewing Machine cover to keep it secure till your next project! 

You need:
– one charm pack or 24 x 5″ squares
– one metre (yard) of coordinating fabric for side panels and lining
– 1.5 metres (59″) bias binding
– one metre (yard) cotton quilt batting

This diagram is the exact layout (including the colours of my charm squares!) that I used. You need to cut 4 side panel pieces (2 for the exterior, 2 for lining) and cut a piece of lining the same size as the charm square panel.

How to make a Quilted Sewing Machine Cover:

1. Sew the charms together according to the diagram above, back with a piece of batting the same size, and quilt as desired. I quilted diagonally through the squares.

2. Back the side panels with batting and quilt as desired.

3. Sew the side panels at the seam across the middle of the charm panel, with right sides together. When you lay it out, it will look like the diagram above.

4. Pin the side panel to the charm square panel. You will have the shape of the cover. Stitch up the sides.

5. Sew the lining pieces the same way.

6. Place the lining inside the exterior piece, wrong sides together.

7. Pin bias binding in place around raw edge, and stitch in place.



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