Dubai - Culture Clash: East Meets West in Fashion

Fashion encompasses culture and tradition. Fashion is treated as a unique form of art for some, but commonly it is considered as a diverse creative field for enthusiasts. Every country has its own showcase for fashion. From extravagant floral gowns to skimpy summer wears, every creation attests to the unlimited potential for style and creativity.

The middle east is home to a vast selection of fancy clothing with exquisite style. Women from these regions sport elegantly tailored Abayas, wonderfully colored textiles, and unique combinations of accessories. Often clad from face to toe, they also induce enigma to foreigners in their homeland, whilst being able to showcase their culture and trends at the same time.

The western influence quickly propagates around the world; the culture, lifestyle, and fashion of the western hemisphere is usually endeared globally. In particular, the western influence for fashion is so strong, that many other countries are adapting their ways and clothing styles. Western fashion provides a deep variety for fashion styles and trends.

There are tons of places to show eastern and western fashion coexistence. Amongst many others in the world, Dubai is truly one exceptional place to zoom in at. 

Dubai is recognized as an international city. This particular region in UAE is known for its arid deserts and dazzling cityscapes. Dubai has a perfect blend of different cultures and traditions, east to west, from Asia to Europe. Dubai shares a lot in the fashion industry; this region shows how eastern and western trends and culture can coexist, and create an extraordinary blend that is truly unique and exceptional.

Fashion is an ever-growing field. It is a vast canvass, waiting to be filled by creators; It also provides a healthy market for consumers and investors. Fashion is but one of the things that can traverse and bridge indifferences in the vast world that we live in.