6 Tips On Choosing Clothes For Kids

Choosing clothes for kids is often a baffling task for parents. Parents are usually confused with so many considerations to think about and ponder. Kids are unique in their own ways, their activities, environment, and playmates are big variables in choosing the best clothing for them.

We list down 6 easy tips on how to effectively choose the best clothing for your beloved child.

1. Body Type

- Children of the same age group can have different body types. There are 3 major body type classifications: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph.

Ectomorph Summary:

Definitive “Hard Gainer”
Delicate Built Body
Flat Chest
Lightly Muscled
Small Shouldered
Takes Longer to Gain Muscle

Mesomorph Summary:

Hard Body
Hourglass Shaped (Female)
Rectangular Shaped (Male)
Mature Muscle Mass
Muscular Body
Excellent Posture
Gains Muscle Easily
Thick Skin
Gains Fat Easily Compared to Ectomorphs

Endomorph Summary:

Soft Body
Underdeveloped Muscles
Round Physique
Weight Loss is Difficult

2. Clothes Comfort

- One of the most considerations to make in choosing kids' clothes is the level of comfort. Pick "breathable" clothes usually made of cotton. Cotton absorbs sweat pretty well, while providing a comfy and cool feel. Always consider the comfort of clothes, as kids often have high activity levels or have sensitive skins.

3. Personality Type

- As mentioned earlier kids are unique individuals, some kids prefer outdoor activities, some prefer solitude in their rooms and read books or play video games. Keep in mind their personality when selecting clothing for them. The style of the cloth or color of the cloth can mean a lot for them.

4. Daily Needs

- Kids play untiringly and often get their clothes dirty. Consider clothing styles and fabrics that are easily cleaned or maintained.

5. Child's Pick

- Letting your child pick for themselves is a good idea. It promotes independence and decision making skills. You can guide your child if required, but always let them have the freedom to select what they prefer.

One example is shown in this blog:

6. Regional Style

- Lastly, one of the most vital factors to consider when picking your child's clothes is the region. Certain regions permit only certain styles of clothing. Always be fully aware of the norms in a certain area / region to avoid problems and unnecessary attention.