5 Minute Pillow Covers!

Turn your old washed out pillows to new and fab pillows! It only takes 5 minutes to do it!

1. Take an old pillow.  

2. Lay pillow on top of two pieces of fabric about two inches larger than your pillow.

3. Place your pins directly next to your pillow. Here's a tip: DON'T TRY TO COMPENSATE FOR THE THICKNESS OF THE PILLOW. Unless it's a box pillow or oddly thick. Just place the marker pins right next to the edge. Another thing you can do which is easier is use chalk just be sure that you are drawing on the wrong side.

4. Make markers on three sides of your square.

5. Sew on those three sides, taking the pins out as you sew over them. Trim excess.

6. Turn inside out. Iron seams flat.

7. Stuff pillow inside new case. It should be very snug.

8. Note where the pillow seam for the fourth line of the square should be. Either use pins or chalk. Then push the pillow far down into the case. TIP: THIS IS SO WHEN YOU ARE SEWING THE CLOSING SEAM YOU ARE NOT WORKING AGAINST THE BULK OF THE PILLOW.

9. Pin the pillow so that it stays pushed to the bottom of the pillow.

10. Fold the raw edges inside to where you made your seam line.

11. Pin folded edges in place.

12. Now sew down the folded edges keeping the bulk of the pillow on top of your sewing machine arm so that it isn't pulling your stitches. This assures you make a straight line.

13. Take out the pins that are holding the pillow down in the case and push the pillow out and into the corners. DONE!

Seeing 13 steps may make you think that this is a hard process, if you have some basic sewing skills surely you know that this only takes less than 5 minutes to make. Get creative with your covers!

credits to: grosgrainfabulous.blogspot.ae