8 Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know

#8 Use Noodle Foams To Hold Up Boots

This is such a great idea to do that can keep your massive amounts of boots you own organized. Simply go to a store and buy a couple noodle foams, which cost a few dollars per. Next, cut them up to whatever height your boots are, stick them in your shoe, and they will then be up right with no sagging or falling over! This is a great way to keep the boots in great shape too so they do not form any creases from falling over!

#7 Use Soda Tops to Double Closet Space

Every girl has a problem with the amount of clothes they can fit in their closet; why not have double the clothes with this simply yet ingenious way of hanging your clothes! All you need to do is grab some cans of soda from your recycling bin and pop the tops off, and you’re good to go!

#6 Stack Your Clothes Vertically To Easily See What You Need

This is a great way to use up your drawers in the most efficient manner possible. This also is a great idea to do if you have similar looking shirts in terms of color, because you can then see the designs that are featured on those two shirts if you stack them vertical! Need help folding them? Google “How to fold shirts vertically” and that should help you out! Great and convenient!

#5 Shower Hooks To Organize Purses

This ingenious idea can help out any girl who owns tons of purses! Buy some extra shower hooks at your local hardware store, and use them to hang up your purses, saving room for something else, and making it easier to pick out exactly which purse you want to use on the given day!

#4 Use Nail Polish To Identify Different Keys

This is a great idea that is affordable, and extremely convenient! Draw, or just paint, whatever design you would like to represent the specific key that unlocks whatever you are using the key for! This can make your life so much easier so you don’t need to be fumbling around looking to see which key works if they are all similar looking! Plus, it gives you the power to demonstrate your artistic skills.

#3 Use Chapstick To Hide Money

Are you worried about having your money stolen from your wallet? Here is a great idea that any girl or guy could do with any chap stick that they always have on them or in their purse! All you have to do is use up the chap stick, or destroy it and just throw it out, then clean the insides with some water and soap, and you can then put the money in the chap stick and close it with the lid!

#2 Use Clips To Organize Your Charger Cables

This is a great way to stop the pain of grabbing your charger and untangling all your other chords just to use the one you actually want! Just grab 3-4 or how ever many charging devices you are using, stick the clip on the desk or table, and then just slide the cable ending through one side of the clip loops! This gives you freedom to just grab and charge, instead of having to untangle your horrible mess which we all hate doing!

#1 Use Glitter And Glue To Repair Shoes

Say you have an old pair of shoes that have beat up leather or other material, but the shoe itself is still in perfect condition, hate that, right? Why not do some DIY with some glue and your favorite color of glitter to fix that pair right up! In the photo above, they used similar looking glitter to match the color of the shoe, fixing the front of their shoes and actually making it look like how it was bought! No need to give up on your favorite shoes just because of a little scratch or broken material with this life hack.

credits to: epphany.com