Cloth Art: Fix Bleach Stains On Clothes

Ever stained your favorite shirt or dress and thought of giving it away, or worse throwing it away? Well hold-on a bit! There's actually a better way to handle those eyesore cloth stains!

Turn dirt to art! Make your own personalized art canvass by following these simple ideas.

- Bleach
- Paper cutouts (letters, objects, patterns)
- Spray Bottle

1. Lay out the paper cutouts you have prepared onto the shirt. (In this case it was letters for names)

2. Next step is to carefully spray with bleach using the spray bottle, this is the part where you get artistic!

3. Spray up and let it fall down the shirt or cloth. Let it dry and peel the letters off to reveal your masterpiece!

4. Try it on! You can now flaunt your ex-ruined shirt / dress again!

credits to: jameehomemaker.blogspot