DIY: Lampshade Upcycling

Ever wondered what to do with leftover fabrics? Well here's one tip that can make something out of your leftover or unused fabrics. 

Time to start a
dding touches of color to your home! Let's revamp those plain looking lampshades of yours!


1. First step is to separate the shade from the lamp base, next is to prepare your sewing scissors, some fabric spray adhesive, and the fabric you want to use.

2. The lampshade used here is 9 inches tall and slightly angled. We used a piece of fabric, 38 inches long and 17 inches wide.  Depending on the angle of your shade you’ll need to allow enough fabric.  The more angled the shade, the more fabric you will need and the more obvious your fabric’s pattern change will be.

3. To wrap the fabric around the lampshade, spray the wrong side of the fabric, then start attaching one end of the fabric to the lampshade, after a small portion was adhered, you can use your hands to remove bubbles, then continued wrapping. Continue pressing the fabric to the shade until the shade was completely covered.

4. When the shade is covered, trim the excess around the top and bottom, leaving about a half an inch to fold into the inside of the lampshade.  Once trimmed, glue the seam with more fabric glue.

Then I cut a slit where the fabric meets the shade’s frame.

5. The seam was attached with a bit more fabric glue — fold the top piece of the seam under 1/8 of an inch before adding the adhesive.

6. If your shade will be visible you may want to choose fabric in a small pattern without visible repeats.  We didn’t worry about the repeat pattern of our fabric and think it’s still real cute!

7. There you have it, the finished product!

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