Fashion Health: The Dangers of Oversized Earrings

Earrings come in so many shapes and sizes. Just be careful with large hoop and other over sized earrings as they can be potential accident mishaps that can happen to anyone.

Large hoop or heavy chandelier earrings add glamour to an outfit indeed, just be careful that they don't catch on a shirt or scarf and end up tearing your earlobe.

"We frequently see the result of either a shirt that has snagged on the earring or a child who has grabbed it and torn it partially or totally" says Dr. Joel Schlessinger, a dermatologist based in Omaha, Nebraska., and the CEO and founder of

Simple everyday wear and tear from gravity can also stretch the earlobe piercing and result in an oval hole in the lobe, which can split the earlobe. Schlessinger recommends clips, which are easier to remove and will lead to less traumatic incidents. Also, keep earrings to a "manageable" size and out of the reach of young ones, says Schlessinger.

Always remember to never compromise your health and comfort for fashion and style.

Stay Fab! Stay Healthy!

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