School Uniform Care Tips

Summer vacations are almost over and it’s almost time to get back to school. Stock up on materials and don’t forget to have your kid’s uniforms ready. Follow these simple tips to keep them properly clean and ensure they last for long.

Use cool water

Avoid hot water when washing colored uniforms unless they are really, really dirty. Cool water will help you preserve colors and avoid shrinking.

Air dry

Air driers use a lot of power and may damage fabrics if over-dried. Use a clothesline or a drying rack instead and leave on the shade. If an air dryer is a must, remove your clothes while still slightly damp to avoid shrinking and iron easily.

Change and air out

Rule number #1 after your kids arrive from school is uniforms off! Clothes won’t arrive dirty everyday so there’s no need to send them to the laundry bin yet. Hang them and let them air out. Tough materials like denim can be used a couple of days if no smudges and stains are present.

Have enough for everyday

The best way to save laundry money and water is to wash full loads. Be sure to have 1 uniforms piece for each day of the week, these way you can make clothes last longer by reducing the times they get washed. Labeling shirts and pants per day is a good way to help kids organize their wardrobe and rotate uniforms.

Use the right detergent

An excess of powdered detergents can damage your clothes and leave a worn effect. Pick detergent that penetrates onto stains deeply. Remember to apply detergent directly to tough stains, rub smoothly and wash as usual with same colored clothes.

Pick you fabric softener

Just because kids like to play rough it doesn’t mean their uniforms can’t feel soft. Kids clothes must be treated with fabric softeners, so they'll feel comfortable upon wearing their uniforms for more than 8 hours everyday.

No uniform? No problem!

If there’s no need to use a uniform at your children’s school don’t worry. Polo shirt and plain t-shirts are great options for school and can act as a casual uniform without losing a fashion sense. Teach your kids to separate school clothes from their favorite ones.