Lengthen Shirts: Cropped Tee To Banded Tee

This is a really simple refashion that elevates a cropped boxy tee to something a little more interesting and with a bit more coverage. This can work with a standard tee too, really anything that you want to add a bit of length or design detail to. It’s a great way to use up an otherwise redundant strip of a favorite fabric. Pick one that's a similar weight and drape to the top you’re refashioning. I’m mixing woven with jersey here.


1. To start, turn the tee inside out. Put it on and mark where you want your contrast fabric band to sit.

2. Cut straight across the tee just below this point to allow for some seam allowance. I’m a sod for not measuring or marking anything. But you can always measure 5/8″ down from your pin and chalk a line across as a guide if you’re more conscientious than I am! 

3. Cut your contrast fabric band at your desired width. Lay it between your two tee pieces and mark where it needs to line up with the rest of the tee, with a line of pins. Sew down this line and finish/trim raw edges so you have a tube of fabric the same width as your tee. 

4. With the tee RS (right-side) out and the band WS (wrong-side) out, place the bottom of the tee inside the contrast fabric tube, (the tee will be right sides together with the fabric tube) line up raw edges, then pin and sew all the way around. Repeat this step with the top portion of your tee, sewing it to the other raw edge. 

5. Give it a good press and you’re done!

Note: I used a serger for this project. You can use a standard machine and just zigzag the raw edges. Best of all no hemming required (as you’re using the original hem of the tee) and takes about 20 minutes to make!

credits to: makery.uk