3 Ways to Make Hipster Baby Headbands

We’re drumming up all sorts of DIY gift ideas starting… now! For this tutorial, we’ll show you three easy ways to make hipster headbands for babies, toddlers, or little kids. Truth be told, you could totally make these for yourself as well! Read on to see how it’s done.


– Spandex or Jersey Material
– Leather or Faux Leather Scraps
– Thread in Bright Colors
– Floral Trim
– Various Pieces of VELCRO® Brand Tape

Sewing Machine
Fabric Scissors

For each of these tutorials, you’re going to start by cutting a piece of fabric, folding it in half, sewing it, and then turning it inside out. This will be the base of each headband.

Here’s what to do: Fold your fabric and cut it! When folded, the piece should be 1-2 inches wide and 12 inches long, but the length depends on who you’re making the headband for. Use your sewing machine to stitch along the edge. Then turn inside out! Finally, iron the band. Now it’s ready to be embellished!

1. Stitched Mini Turban: Perfect for the boho babe, we’d by lying if we said we didn’t try on this knotted headband ourselves.

After you’ve made your headband base, tie it into a knot in the middle. Use decorative stitches and brightly colored thread to create three stripes on each side of the knot. To close the headband, measure a piece of VELCRO® Brand tape that fits and sew it on!

How cute is that?

2. Color-Blocked Flower Wrap: Next up, we’ll combine a color-blocked headband with a bit of fun floral trim.

Cut two pieces of different colored fabric and sew them together into a tube. Turn it inside out, as with the base tutorial. Use hot glue to attach floral trim. Because the fabric was so stretchy with this one, you don’t need a closure.

We love how the flowers look with Henley’s darling curls!

3. Layered Leather Triangles: Lastly, we’ve got a headband that just might make Urban Outfitters launch a baby category!

Start with your base headband. Cut pieces of leather or faux leather into triangles and hot glue them right on the headband. To make it adjustable, create a closure by sewing on VELCRO® Brand tape. That’s it!

We think she likes it – what do you think?

Thanks so much to Brit + Co. staffer Carrie for bringing in her ridiculously adorable daughter Henley, our first official kid model!

And here’s a photo of Henley on a Vespa because, why not? :)

credits to: brit.co