6 Steps to DIY Knit Lampshade

Fall is around the corner and I'm starting to get in the cozy mode! I love this idea for the bedroom so I decided to DIY one for myself!

This is a really simple project and can be done a few ways. My goal here was to do something non-permanent as I will likely want to change up the cover when the weather warms again next spring. I decided to use some elastic to make my version a slip on so that it can be easily changed out. Other options would be to use a nice looking thick tape on the inside of the shade. Read on for more details!


- Thrifted or Old Sweater (smaller the better)
- Lampshade
- Elastic
- Scissors
- Lamp (or hanging lamp kit if you want to hang)


- Sewing Machine


1. Start by pulling the sweater over the lampshade and cutting at the top and bottom leaving a least an inch overhang on both sides

2. Pull elastic over the lampshade and pull tightly to measure how much elastic you need for the sweater

3. Pin the elastic (pulled taught) to the sweater. If you are left with excess sweater you may need to hem in the sweater to decrease the diameter (if your sweater is too loose)

4. Sew in the elastic on the inside of the sweater using the same method as a hem (sew once along the inside and then fold over and sew again)

5. Pull sweater cover over the lampshade (place the elastic on the inside if possible to hide it in, if you have pulled your elastic too tight then it may cover on the outside only)

6. Place your shade on the lamp and you're done

I really love that this DIY doesn't take long and doesn't sacrifice an entire lampshade if you change your mind on what you want down the line!

Perfect cozy project for the cool days ahead

credits to: farmfreshtherapy.com