DIY No Sew Ruffle Christmas Tree Skirt


- Rotary Cutter
- Cutting Mat
- Scissors
- Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
- 4 Yards of Fabric
- Your Old Christmas Tree Skirt

Start by prepping your old tree skirt {Or whatever base you chose to use} I had to cut & peel off the felt pieces on ours.

Bye bye Santa! you will be missed :)

Cut your fabric in strips. The length doesn't necessarily need to be a certain length. But you need to have a set width. I did 3-inch strips of fabric for both my linen & Burlap.

Cut until you have a big pile of fabric strips. {Lots of work!}

Make your first line of glue at the edge of the tree skirt.

Place your fabric on top of the glue line.

To make a ruffle, pinch a portion of fabric between your fingers & press it down, overlapping the previous ruffle.

Keep going until you have completed your first row. Looks good huh?

At this point, I would suggest stopping for a snack. {I did} This project takes lots of energy! Soy butter & apples, Yum!

Now back to the project. A couple of inches above the first row, make your second line of glue.

Make your ruffles the same way on the second row.

* If you are using burlap like I did, You may want to make your ruffles & pin them down before you glue them. Burlap does not like to stick to felt very well :( Doing this will prevent bad finger burns & will make it a whole lot easier.

After you have pinned, then glued, Be sure to pull all of the pins out of the burlap layers.

Keep going! You're almost done!

Keep making the ruffles until you reach the middle of the tree skirt and you're done! Tired yet?

If you would like to add ties to keep your tree skirt tied around the tree:

I used twine. Thread your twine through a big yarn needle...

Choose your tie placement, Thread the twine through the bottom of the tree skirt

Once it is pulled through, tie a knot.

Tie a knot on the top portion as well, to prevent the twine from pulling through.

A few hours, 50+ Glue sticks & a couple burnt finger later, you are REALLY done!

It looks so pretty & ruffly!

Especially now that it is under our tree :)

{Last 2 pics added long after original post}

Also, I will add, our Christmas tree is Humongous! It is 9ft tall and super puffy. So, the tree skirt looks tiny but in reality, it is a good size.

credits to: anwjohnston.blogspot