Easy DIY Revamped Office Chair

I am so excited to share my updated my office chair.

I had the most boring, ugly office chair.

See? Isn't she a beaut? Well, I've had her for a long time and she is very comfy. But not very attractive. So I decided to do something about it and recover her.

There are 4 screws in the arm rest that hold the chair together. 2 for the back of the chair and 2 for the seat.

They just unscrew and the chair comes apart. I was going to try to take the fake leather off, but it was sewn on, so I decided to put new fabric right over the top.

Starting with the seat, I laid the fabric on the floor and pulled the fabric tightly around the seat on all of the sides.

Then stapled the fabric right to the chair bottom.

I cut little holes through the fabric for the screws (that the armrest attaches to) to go through.

The top was a little trickier. I wasn't sure how I was going to attach the fabric or hide the staples. I was going to sew a slipcover, but I discovered that the back of the chair is being supported by a piece of plywood. 

Perfect to attach to with staples.

So I carefully tucked and stapled all the way around the back of the chair. One can barely notice the staples at all. At some point, I may go back and glue some trim over them, but for now, they are fine.

And there she is.

So much better. She is beautiful and comfy now!

credits to: shescraftycrafty.com