10+ Sewing Gadgets You Never Knew Existed

1. Half Square Triangle Paper I mean seriously did you all know about this? Use the paper to sew straight lines on your half square triangles!

2. These Laser Scissors are genius! These would be seriously helpful when you are trying to cut a straight line! The rotary cutter is my go to for cutting fabric but for those times when you have something that can’t be cut with the rotary cutter these are great!

3. Ok, I knew somewhere in my brain that this Handheld Portable Sewing Machine existed but I never really thought about it until now. How cool to be able to hem something or finish a small project with a little machine that you keep in your purse! It could be like a party trick! Watch me sew this t-shirt while you drink your wine.

4. I am obsessed with flowers! How I don’t have a Daisy Stitch Presser Foot in my sewing box is a mystery to me. Well by the time you read this it will be in my sewing box don’t you fear! This foot turns the fabric as you sew to create a pretty stitch!

5. This 12 in 1 Tool is seriously cool! I love the idea of having all my tools right in one place!! So handy! There are so many great tools in this thing! I love that the measuring tape is built right into the handle.

6. I have a place to put all my bobbins that is separate from the spools themselves. So inevitably I lose the color I need and have to thread a new one and then I waste a lot of time and then I need an empty one and unthread one and waste a bunch of thread. No more of that! These Bobbin Buddies are an amazing solution and they keep the bobbin and the spool together to save time and energy!

7. This Purple Thang is a really cool tool. You can use it to feed a tough corner into the sewing machine (rather than risk using your finger and getting a needle through your finger!) Or use it to turn out a corner or stuff a project! Lots of options.

8. I cannot tell you how many times the ruler slips and I make a bad cut…all the time! These True Grips are perfect for keeping the ruler for splitting so you don’t waste fabric on bad cuts!

9. Are You Kidding me? I have been over here like a schmuck using scissors to cut every piece apart as I piece a quilt and it takes forever!! This Gypsy Cutting Gizmo is phenomenal!

10. I always make my own binding. I just found the tool that will make the binding making process take a ton less time! This Binding Express Board is perfect for making your own binding.

11. I have heard of chalk and water soluble marker but did you guys know that they made these handy little finger pressers? This Hera Marker is awesome for pressing lines into a piece, it would be really great for straight line quilting!

12. This Chaco Liner is awesome for marking where you want to add an appliqué or for drawing the quilting design onto the top of a quilt. I can think of about 30 other uses too! This is awesome!

What is your favorite sewing gadget? Did you see anything that you have to add to your collection? Share with me in the comments below.

credits to: sewwhatalicia.com