DIY Penguin Plushie

This sewing pattern shows you how to sew a very cute Penguin doll.


- 30cm x 60cm piece of Black Polar Fleece
- 30cm x 16cm piece of White Polar fleece
- Small Amount of Tan (for the feet and beak)
- Small Amounts of Felt for the Eyes
- 250g of Toy Fill


Step 1: Start by downloading the Penguin Pattern.

Step 2: Sew the white front body piece onto one piece of the black body piece. Use your picture for direction.

Step 3: Sew your feet pieces together. Make sure to stitch on the outside.

Step 4: With the white section facing inwards sew the two black body pieces together. Sew the feet in place as you go (make sure the feet are facing inwards). Leave a gap down one side for turning – approximately where the wing will fall.

Step 5: Fill the body with toy fill and stitch up the gap.

Step 6: Stitch your wing pieces together but leave a gap for turning. Once turned – do not stuff.

Step 7: Stitch up the gap and stitch in place (the curved edge goes to the back).

Step 8: Stitch the wings to the Penguin’s body.

Step 9: Stitch the beak in the same way as the feet with the stitching on the outside.

Step 10: Stitch your face features on using the picture for direction.