Top 10 Ultimate Sewing Supplies for Beginners!

Top Ten Sewing Supplies for Absolute beginners!

Want to create something new from scratch? We did some research and have determined these are the top 10 accessories which are ESSENTIAL for any sewing enthusiast! 

1. Fabric Scissors! 
The first thing any sewist must have is a good pair of fabric scissors! These are necessary to get that perfect cut, (TIP: never use these scissors on paper as it ruins the blade of the scissors!)

Steal:     Mundial Tailors Scissors 

2. Fabric Ruler!
Why did we put this in the list? simple, fabric rulers provide accuracy that is key for any beginner!

Steal: OmniGrid Ruler Set - 3 Different Sizes
Splurge: Fiskars Rotary Cutter & Ruler Combo

3. Seam ripper! 
Unbeknownst to most of us, you probably have one of these in your house already! If not get yourself a seam ripper before you start any project! This will soon become your best friend, easily erasing the stitches that went wrong! 

Steal: Dritz Deluxe Seam Ripper
Splurge: Fons & Porter Ergonomic Seam Ripper

4. Rotary Cutter! 
Might not be an essential for most, but personally I don't think I could do without mine! It's perfect for cutting out fabric from sewing patterns as its easier to glide the cutter in one swift motion rather than to cut the fabric with the scissors!

Steal: Clover Rotary Cutter (28mm)
Splurge: OLFA Deluxe Handle Rotary Cutter (60mm)

5. Safety Pins!
An essential in a household whether you're a sewing enthusiast or not! Everyone needs safety pins to avoid fashion faux pas!
We have so many different varieties, its hard, even for us, to choose. Here's the link to all the safety pins we offer!

6. Straight pins! 

Now you may be wondering whats the difference between a safety pin and a straight pin. Straight pins are easy to use to hold together pieces of fabric before stitching them and also easy to remove! Once you start sewing, you will find pins everywhere!

Steal: Dritz 100 pieces Quilting Pearl Head Pins (1½")
Splurge: Collins Multi-use White Head Pins (250 pieces)

7. Pin cushions! 
You need something sturdy to store those pins when you're working on your sewing project! 

Steal: Dritz Tomato Pin Cushion
Splurge: Dritz Quilting Wrist Pin Cushion

8. Sewing machine needles! 

If you do not have the right needles, its impossible to get the job done! Using universal needles is a good idea, it will help you get the hang of sewing without fussing over if the needle you're using is right or not!

9. Fabric Markers!

Marking tools are useful when trying to do a sewing project. You can easily mark where the cuts need to be or where to fold or even where to stitch! Most come off using water or a simple wash will get rid of any marks leaving no traces!   

Steal: Vanishing Fabric Marker by Collins
Splurge: Clover White Ink Marker

10. Cutting mat!
Using rotary cutters will leave marks on your tables and floors! By using a cutting mat, you can perfectly cut your fabric patterns without worrying about the condition of your floor/table!

Steal: Clover Cutting Mat (45x32cm)
Splurge: US Art Supply (36" x 48") Professional Self-Healing 5-Ply Double Sided Cutting Mat


Let us know in the comments below if we missed a product you think is essential to you when sewing!

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