Start your own Tailoring Business with AED 8,999

Be your own boss - start your very own tailoring business with a little help from us :D

Offer includes:


1. Hoseki HSK-8900 High-speed lockstitch sewing machine (Complete Set)

The lockstitch uses two threads, an upper and a lower, the needle having the eye on the base. This stitch is named so because of the upper and lower threads, “lock” together in the hole in the fabric through which they pass. Unlike chain stitch, lockstitch does not unravel easily and is usually used on higher quality garments.

Overlock, also known as "serging" or "serger stitch", can be formed with one to four threads, one or two needles, and one or two loopers. Overlock sewing machines are usually equipped with knives that trim or create the edge immediately in front of the stitch formation. Household and industrial overlock machines are commonly used for garment seams in knit or stretchy fabrics, for garment seams where the fabric is light enough that the seam does not need to be pressed open, and for protecting edges against raveling. Five thread overlock machine is used to hem the raw edges of the fabric, this ensures the prevention of losing threads from the edges. 

3. Hoseki HSK-781 Direct-drive straight button-hole machine (auto-trimmer) (Complete Set)

Buttonholes are holes in the fabric which allow buttons to pass through, securing one piece of the fabric to another. The raw edges of a buttonhole are usually finished with stitching. This may be done either by hand or by a sewing machine. Some forms of buttons, such as a frog, use a loop of cloth or rope instead of a buttonhole. Buttonholes can also refer to flowers worn in the lapel buttonhole of a coat or jacket, which are referred to simply as "buttonholes" or boutonnières.
 Button stitching machine is a special type of machine which is used in garments industries to attach button so it is called button attaching machine. This type of machine works for stitching shirt buttons in a cycle and so these are also called simple auto machine.

 A gravity feed iron is a staple in most design studios, couture houses and tailor shops. Unlike a standard home iron, it has a large water reservoir that is suspended from a hook above the ironing board. This allows you to press for a long time between refills. A hose feeds the water to the iron, and to activate the steam, you must press a button on the iron's handle. You need to change the beads periodically, just as with any water filter. Gravity feed irons are great for fusing interfacing; you don't have to apply much pressure with an iron that weighs 4 pounds! They generate steam in any position, not just on a flat surface. 

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