Sewing Machine Buying Guide for Starters

Sewing Machine Buying Guide for Starters

Things you need to consider before investing in a sewing machine

What type of sewing machine could be best for you? The answer may depend on your expertise, skill level, and budget. Before investing in a sewing machine you need to access your requirements and skill level needed to operate a certain type of machine. You also need to consider how you can improve your skills by using a certain type of sewing machine. This guide will help you decide how to find the right machine for your specific sewing needs

Understand the Sewing Machine Types
Sewing machines Dubai usually come in 3 different types, namely electronic, embroidery and mechanical. All these machines have specific sewing purposes that can be fulfilled through specific features.
If you are just an occasional sewer with very limited budget, mechanical machine just might be right for you. It can be used for craft projects and basic clothing repair. It is usually handled manually and requires manual manipulation of most of its features.
Electronic sewing machines are most commonly used for hard core clothing design and sewing. It can be a best option for you if you have ample budget and enough skill to handle its advanced features. Electronic machines come with LCD screen, touch pad controls and a dozen settings to improve the process for tremendous productivity.
Embroidery machine is an upgraded version of electronic sewing machine and allows you to adorn garments and clothing with embroidery.

Sewing Machine Features to Consider
There are certain features that every machine should be able to handle regardless of its type. Number one thing that you need to see is that your machine can easily handle all kinds of fabric without puckering or stretching that damages the fabric. The most basic features on the machine should include:     
·         Feed-Dog Adjustment
·         Buttonholer
·         Presser Feet
·         Flexible needle position
·         Needle threader
·         Easy tension adjustment
·         Power speed
·         Topload bobbin
·         High stitch length

Check Warranty and Machine Performance
Before making the Purchase, make sure to inquire your supplier about what features the warranty covers and what it excludes. Look for discounts and sales promotion to find the best price. In addition, bring several fabric samples with you to try several machines and gauge their performance.

Ask about the Right needle
Sewing Machines usually come with a set of needles that are designed specifically for their functions. Ask your supplier to help you understand the different types of needles and their use for specific fabric or design.

Inquire about the Repair Policies
Machine's warranty usually covers most repairs that are offered in-store by the dealer. Ask your dealer about the turnaround time for the repair, and the store policy for other repairs that may not be included in the warranty.
Buying a sewing machine is a onetime investment, so make sure that you take your time before the purchase. Inquire your dealer about the various machine types and features to understand what fulfills your requirement the best. For more questions, reach out to the manufacturer through its website to learn more about the product you wish to buy.