Sewing Tips & Tricks: Cut Sewing Patterns Perfectly Every time!

Use freezer paper to help cut out difficult pattern pieces. And by “difficult” I mean anything with stripes, plaids, slippery fabric, fiddly shaped pieces, knits, sheers, and pretty much anything else you’d want to try it on! This is one of my personal favorites, because it’s such a pain to work with pins and small children in the same room. And if I don’t get the entire pattern laid out during one sitting, (like that ever happens) I don’t have to worry about pieces shifting or blowing away. They are stuck right where I put them until I get around to cutting them out. (No matter how many weeks that may take!)

Choose your pattern, and trace it onto the flat (non-shiny) side of a piece of freezer paper.

If you are working with printed or striped fabric add markings to the paper
that will help you align the pattern pieces with the stripes or repeats.
(my stripes are 1/2 inch apart so I drew lines every 1 1/2 inches)

Cut your pattern piece from the freezer paper and align it properly on the fabric.

Carefully iron the pattern piece in place shiny side down.

Cut out you pieces without worrying about anything shifting!

Peel the freezer paper from your fabric and continue with your sewing. How cool is that? You can even re-iron the same pattern piece multiple times without it loosing it’s “stickiness”.
*Special note – If you are working with knit or a more delicate fabric, be extra careful to peel the paper off very, Very slowly to avoid stretching the piece out of shape.