7 Best Sewing Machines for Home Use

Stitching is not only an interesting hobby, it is also a very useful skill. People have been learning and practising this art since old times. Even today, many ladies prefer to work on the sewing machines at home, rather than going to some tailor. You can better stitch your outfit according to your choice.  The art itself is very important but for neatness and accuracy, you are required to have a good sewing machine. These are numerous brands offering varieties of these and one might get overwhelmed to see the multiple options.

If you are also looking for the appropriate sewing machine, you will get all the information here. We have come up with some of the best and easy to use sewing machines, using which you can stitch wonderful clothes and other articles.

Give it a read and get to know about these sewing machines perfect for home use:

ACME 802 Domestic Sewing Machine

ACME 802 Domestic Sewing Machine

This one is compact in size and you can place it anywhere to do your work. It is simply built and has a decent design.  Additionally, it is very user-friendly and offers 10-30 stitches pattern.

BROTHER Innov-is NV15P Computerized Sewing Machine

This computerized machine is very efficient in functioning. The beginners should go for this one for a smooth and flawless start. The experts will do great with it.
This one is best for those who want to work simply and get uncompromised quality. It has many advanced features including LCD screen, slide speed controller, start/stop button, needle threader, options of 16 stitches and a lot more. Using this would make your work a lot easier and less time-consuming.

BROTHER GS2700 Sewing Machine

This one is classic metal frame machine with improved functioning and increased durability. It is best suited for the home furnishing and stitching dresses. It features easy and quick stitching and includes everything that makes its operation comfortable. The needle threader is automatic and the Led light included is very bright and has a long life.

JANOME 1012 Sewing Machine

The JANOME 1012 is very suitable for domestic use. Particularly, if you are new to stitching, this is going to be a helpful one for you. It has front bobbin system that is useful for the starters as they can change the bobbin during stitching. Moreover, it is well-built and has a robust structure.

JANOME 8050 Computerized Sewing Machine

This computerized masterpiece is best for those who know the basics. It has commendable professional efficiency and operates flawlessly. You can work on it continuously for hours and enjoy sewing your clothes with full concentration and great ease.

JANOME New Home 2030DC Computerized Sewing Machine

This beautiful machine has 3 buttonholes and thirty stitches. It contains several advanced features that are provided by the more costly machines. It includes single-hand needle thread, LCD display, very easy navigation, a start and stop button, a button for the auto lock, speed limiter, reverses button, free arm, stitch width of 7mm and length of 5mm. This marvellous article comes complete with a soft cover.

SINGER 1409 Promise Sewing Machine

SINGER is a well-reputed name, known well for its high quality and long-lasting products. The SINGER 1409 is one of its promising domestic machines and is very user-friendly. It is very appropriate to be used in homes and you can easily work on it.
The features include both the decorative and basic stitches that are total 9 in number. The straight and easy threading path saves your time and helps with quick stitching. Additionally, to make it more convenient, it allows you to change the stitch style in just one simple step.