Juki HZL-G110 Sewing and Quilting Machine Review

Juki HZL-G110 Sewing and Quilting Machine Review

Description: Intelligently-built and full of features, this computerized model is designed for intermediate and advanced-level users and hobbyists.

Our Review: While it is technically a mid-level machine, it can also be thought of as a low-priced advanced model. An ideal choice for experienced sewers ready for an upgraded model with enhanced capabilities. Lots of stylish decorative patterns plus room for larger projects means this model is ready for the big jobs. We recommend it to any developing sewer for its numerous functions and its high-quality performance.

Our Rating Overview: This intermediate designer sewing machine received high review scores all the way across the board and it’s not very hard to see why. This model is in many ways the total package with plenty of built-in functions, convenient features and great performance.
Features Review: An intelligent household machine like this one gets an exceptional features rating because of the sheer amount of built-in stitching patterns and design functions. Not to mention the computerized memory and ample convenience features this model offers.
Quality Review: This intermediate model sews hard and heavy like a commercial model yet it has all the functionality of a hobby machine. It offers all the high quality you should expect from the Juki name and the online customers who reviewed this model have agreed.
Reliability Review: Excellent reliability, durability and consistency are just part of the package when you purchase a sewing machine of this calibre. This model will consistently produce top-notch results each and every time, and it will perform brilliantly year after year.
Value Review: A well-built designer-friendly computerized model with this many convenience features and design functions is too much of a value not to give it an exceptional value rating. You’re getting a commercial-grade machine with easy consumer-grade features.

180 Built-In Stitch Patterns: An impressive variety of 180 essential and decorative stitches are built right into this model, including eight different styles of automatically-sized sensor-type one-step buttonhole stitches and one alphanumeric lettering font for basic monogramming.

30-Pattern Memory: With this model’s built-in computerized memory storage, you’ll be able to store up to thirty of your very own custom-made stitch or design patterns right in the machine. You can take your stitching, mending and quilting creativity to that next level.

Drop Feed Capable: This intermediate home sewing machine is drop feed dog capable so you’ll be able to drop the feed dogs and do free-motion quilting and sewing quickly and easily.


Hard Cover: Protect your new sewing machine from more than just household dust, dirt and spills. With the included hard-top cover, your machine will be protected from hard knocks, tumbles and other impact-related accidents. Your investment will be safe.

Automatic Needle Threader: No more hurting your eyes while trying to thread the needle and no more eye-strain headaches. You can now relax and let the built-in automatic needle threading system take care of all the tedious needle threading for you. It’s simple and fast.

Adjustable Stitch Length & Width: You’ll have full control over both the length and the width of any one of your built-in stitches. Set the stitch length to a maximum of five millimetres and the stitch width to a maximum of seven millimetres for full stitch customization.

Variable Speed Control: The power to set your machine to any operating speed you wish is also in your hands because you’ll be able to adjust your operating speed from a minimum speed of 90 stitches per minute to a maximum operating speed of 900 stitches per minute.

User Comments Synopsis: In the online product reviews, customers who purchased this model loved it. A tiny number of negative comments were overwhelmed by a landslide of positive comments about this machine’s features, excellent sewing capabilities and overall reliability.

Overall Cons: Can be a bit noisy, the LCD screen isn’t back-lit.

Overall Pros: Plenty of features, can handle heavy fabrics, solid and stable model. Its convenient features and moderate-to-heavy sewing abilities make this model the perfect machine for heavy-duty home use. It also makes a great choice for developing users who are ready to take their skills to the top with a feature-rich advanced model.


·     Max Speed:900 Stitches/Minute 
·     Max Stitch Width
·     Length:7 mm, 5 mm 
·     Drop Feed Capable:Yes       
·     Free Arm Convertible:Yes 
·     Built-In Stitches:180         
·     Buttonholes:8 
·     Extra Presser Feet:4


·     180 built-in stitches
·     30-pattern memory
·     8 auto buttonholes
·     alphanumeric font
·     drop feed capable
·     includes hard cover
·     automatic needle threader 
·     adjustable stitch length/width
·     37 needle positions 
·     LED-lit work area