TOYOTA Oekaki Renaissance Computerized Sewing, Quilting, & Embroidery Machine

 Most of the sewing machine dealers, teachers, and seasoned sewers believe that computerized sewing machines are the best choice for beginners and intermediate sewers. This is because they can enjoy sewing without spending much on the machines and the features that these computerized machines offer makes the learning and sewing process very easy. We have researched about multiple sewing machines available in the market. There are many sewing machines with different specs, prices, and models, but we have found that Toyota Oekaki's computerized machine is offering the best combination of specs, price, and features. This can be the perfect pick for the travellers, quilters, embroiders, beginners, professionals and anyone who wants                                                              dealer perks.

Oekaki, which is a Japanese word meaning draw, has introduced its all-new computerized sewing machine. We all know about the Japanese made products and this sewing machine has not disappointed its users at all. It is a unique free motion embroidery machine that has a high power of stitching. Not only the power, but this computerized machine offers its users with the choice of 50 different stitches. These stitches range from decorative satin block stitches to realistic handmade quilt stitch, stretch, tacking, overedging, bling hemming, ricrac and stretch straight stitch. Not only for stitching the machine also has a very accurate buttonhole. The buttonhole installed in the machine is intelligent enough to measure the size of the button and to sew hole according to the size. The buttonhole is very accurate as it can sew even the complex keyhole buttonholes automatically as well.
 Users can easily select the stitch from the LCD, and there is an adviser as well for the help. The quick adviser can be used as a reference when needed such as while winding the bobbin or threading the machine. The machine also included features such as needle up or down, start and stop button, reverse tie off and faster swing speed. All these features can be set as required. There are LED lights to help the user in the sewing process, and because it has a larger and round shaped sewing bed, the machine supports the cloth material for stitching very efficiently. With the footstep of the machine, you can easily control the speed of the stitch, and there is an option as well to adjust the power of motor accordingly. Even the renaissance is not an issue with this machine. You can stitch jeans and even a 12 layers denim with this sewing machine.

 There are many accessories available in the pack with the machine. There is a practice template, thread and starter kit provided from the Oekaki and we have already mentioned automatic buttonhole foot. There is a zipper foot, free motion embroidery foot, zigzag foot, overlocking foot, nonstick foot and blind hemming foot available with the machine. Customers of the machine also get spare bobbins and needles with the machine.

Our verdict:

 What we love about the machine is that it is ideal for textile artists as it offers 50 choices of stitches. The price of the machine is around 480 dollars, which means that it is not very cheap. But, when compared with the features this machine worth this cost. In case you are looking for a machine for basic stitches then this machine can be ignored. But if free arm embroidery is your priority, then this is a recommended machine. The only reason left then for not considering it will be its color.